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Oak Barrel Creations Candle Holders

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on June 10, 2015 at 1:50 AM

Pete Coates of oakbarrelcreations.co.uk uses our glass votive candles and repurposes old oak barrels to make the knave candle holders amonst other stunning items. Check out his website for more details. Or twitter @oakbarrelman

How to assemble your hanging LED battery lantern.

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on May 16, 2014 at 9:35 PM

Check out our new video on how to assemble our hanging chinese paper lanterns. 

Should I choose cotton ball fairy lights or rattan cane balls

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on August 22, 2013 at 11:40 PM

I'm often asked by customers which look best, the rattan wicker lights or the cotton ball ones and which colours would I recommend.

This is a difficult question to answer because everyone has their own idea of what they would like the set up to look like or maybe they don't and what I recommend might not be the end result they were hoping for. Maybe a bride is looking for something elegant and subtle for her wedding reception or someone is looking to decorate their home or garden for a 21st or maybe new parents would like to use our lights to decorate the nursery.

There are countless situations so the best I can do is offer some pointers that might help you choose and we have over 180 designs, colours and styles of fairy lights in stock so the choice can be bewildering.

Let's take the wedding reception scenario. What lights work best for that? Well the bride has normally decided if the will have all white or all ivory. This makes the choice of fairy lights and decorations nice and simple. We have the white or ivory cotton ball or rattan fairy lights with mains power plugs or battery powered led lights where accessing power is a challenge. Should you use cotton ball or rattan? The rattan balls work best if they are against something like a wall or a ceiling because they give off a lovely pattern but if you are suspending the lights in the open I would definitely use the cotton balls. They catch the light and spread it more evenly. 

Maybe the bride's colour theme is white and moss green for example. We've got that covered too with our two tone designs with many colour options of alternate white and a chosen colour or we can make the whole light string all one colour. Bear in mind also that you don't want to have to throw them away after your event so choose a colour scheme of fairy lighting that you can take home and use or pass on as a gift. Kids love them.

Parents decorating a nursery have an even wider choice if you consider all the butterfly, dragonfly, bumble bee, elephants, fish and stars and moons fairy lights we have in stock to name just some but as this article is about choosing rattan ball design or cotton ball lights we'll leave the novelty character lights aside for now.

Firstly I would go for soft pastel colours. I liken bright sharp colours in a baby nursery with going to the pub with your father on your 18th birthday for your first ever drink and downing 10 pints. I'm not an expert on baby development but I'm sure softer pastel shades is a better way to introduce a newborn to the world of colour. Rattan or cotton ball? With a newborn I would definitely go with the cotton balls as the bulbs are enclosed and the light diffused somewhat. With the rattan some bare bulbs will always be visible through the cane strands and although the lights are not bright or harmful to the eye I would just feel a little more comfortable not using rattan until the child is two years old or so when their eyes never seem to sit still for a second. The other choice is battery or mains powered. Depending on how much of a monkey your toddler is you may well be safer with our battery operated lights in which case you should use rechargable batteries or you'll spend a fortune on single use batteries.  

Kids rooms and kids parties are a very different consideration to a baby nursery. Active and excitable kids love the bright, garish and random colours so you can go nuts ordering the multi colour options or if your child has a favourite colours or his or her football or sports colours then choose accordingly. Use the rattan ball lights against walls or tables or any surface and marvel at the stunning paterns cast by the shadows. In open areas go for the cotton ball lights which give carnival party atmosphere. 

It really is down to personal taste and taking a few of the pointers above into consideration when choosing lights for your home or party or wedding but I hope this helps and if anyone has any question please contact me using the contact us page.


We sell on Amazon and Ebay but everything is much cheaper here

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on July 5, 2013 at 9:20 PM

One of our Amazon buyers was kind enough to submit her own photo of our natural white rose fairy lights entwined around her bed's headstand. 

We think they look stunning and remember our lights are 25% cheaper in our website than we charge on Amazon and Ebay to cover the fees they charge. Many other colour combinations of rose lights also available here.

"These are now twisted along my cream metal bedhead, they make a statement in my bedroom, girly, romantic, and add the wow factor. I want to stay awake to look at them".

Our Giant Tea Light Candle Are back In Stock

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on July 10, 2012 at 6:55 AM

Finally after a long wait we are delighted to announce that our giant tea light candles will be back on our shelves from tomorrow, Wendesday the 11th of July.

This of course means that so will our Paper candle bag lanterns and giant tea light combos will also be available.



UK Paper Bag Lanterns Press Release

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on June 3, 2012 at 8:45 PM

UK Paper Bag Lanterns Ltd Adds Ethics To Its Company Strategy At The Cost Of Profits.

A Scottish business owner based in Thailand selling paper candle bag lanterns amongst other things, trying to do the right thing.

In today’s world where everything is about profits, margins, ROI, cost cutting and cheap labour, it may well be assumed that in order to run a successful business all of the above must be the pillars of that success.

“Not necessarily” says Oliie Brodie of (UKPBL),UK Paper Bag Lanterns Ltd, a Scotsman who moved his head office to Thailand from where he runs his UK and Australian online wedding and party supplies stores. “It all depends how you define successful”.

Having shipped over 40,000 orders in the few short years since the website The Australian Paper Bag Lanterns Store was launched, Ollie does not believe that the primary focus should be on ‘the numbers game’.

"There will be good years and there will be tough years but when I look back I want to look back and say, I did the right things."

Sudden sale on blue doves paper bag lanterns

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on May 11, 2012 at 1:30 AM




Our new line of hanging paper lantern shades with or without lights.

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on May 5, 2012 at 2:25 AM

This week we will be receiving our brand new line of hanging round paper lanterns.



White and beige round hanging paper lanterns.

Arriving in our warehouse in Thailand this week are 20,000 of these stunning round chinese style paper lanterns in 20cm and 30cm size. These paper globes are a favorite at parties, weddings and events as a budget sensitive way to use all that empty space and fill it with light and colour. Compare the cost to a hired ceiling canopy and you’ll see what we mean.



Mixed colours and sizes. 18 to choose from

These come in nine different colours and are of the irregular wire design for that funky, modern look. Click here to go check out our hanging paper lanterns web store page. Here you can also choose the paper lanterns with battery lights and our stunning 2 foot high star lanterns with or without lights. Posted from our Thailand warehouse they take 7-12 days to the UK

How to Make DIY paper candle bag lanterns

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on April 8, 2012 at 6:00 AM

Yes of course you can buy candle bag lanterns available in many colours and clever designs and they are beautiful and super value for any event, wedding or party but here are some reasons to think about do-it-yourself designs.



You may want to make a special message on a paper bag lantern for a loved one like I did for my wife with this water colour style design above. 


Kids love painting or drawing and the added bonus of the anticipation of what their personalised candle bag lantern will look like with a candle inside, just adds to the whole experience. I know because my 9 year old twins have been making them for 3 years now and it's become a staple of any school holiday and we're running out of ideas to keep the kids entertained. If it was up to them they would use up all our stock of plain paper bag lanterns and there would be nothing left to sell.



Maybe you are having a little get-together to remember a loved one who has passed on. How you go about this is something you will probably have already decided but examples I hear are "he used to love to fish this lake so we came here just before sunset with a few picnic blankets, some prepared food and a barbecue and and lit the paper bag lanterns that we had placed, some around us and a few leading down to the shore and we didn't so much talk about him, the messages we had written on each of our lanterns did that for us. We just enjoyed the company of our family and friends and had the wonderful sense that he was all around us".

Or you can just leave one by the gravestone with a tea light candle inside. The paper is flameproof and it's also biodegradable so there are no concerns about the environment.


Customers have also told me they used the paper bag lanterns to wish their friends, a young couple, bon voyage at a leading party when they were off to Australia for a working holiday. One person wrote to say that they had a garden party in their home and a friend had brought a pack of 50 plain white tea light lantern bags, a bag of Ikea tea light candles and a few felt pens. As the afternoon was turning to dusk they handed out the pens and the paper lanterns and asked everyone to write a message to the couple and wish them well. As the sun set they placed the lanterns with all their personalised messages all over the garden and said the effect was spellbinding. The couple collected them all the next morning and planned to take a photo of each message so they would never forget the words of their friends.


The possibilities are of course endless so I won't go on. However I will recommend some materials to use.



For obvious reasons always start with flame retardant plain white paper bag lanterns available here.

Kids crayons are the next obvious choice. The vivid colours go on quickly and will look amazing when back-lit with the candle.

Sharpie felt pens are probably the best on the market but if you have others then give them a go.

Colouring pencils are hard work. The art will look great in the daylight but for some reason they don't look so good at night with a tea light candle inside the paper bag lantern.

Any paint, even those little hard kids paints that you just add water too are very effective,

Finally I must recommend an iPad app simply called 'Paper'. It's free for the basic version with all colours but if you want to add more brushes or pencils etc they are $1.99 each and believe me once you try this you probably will. With this app you can paint or draw amazing pictures and email them to yourself from your iPhone or iPad and then print the picture directly onto a plain white paper bag lantern.


Well that just about wraps up my Easter Sunday blog on how and why to make your own DIY paper bag luminaries. Remember we have the plain white candle bag lanterns in stock in Australia here and the plain blank paper bag lanterns available in the UK here. Everyone else just visit either site and we'll ship worldwide.



Buy 10 get 10 FREE - 4 Star Design Candle Bag Lanterns

Posted by The UK Paper Lantern Candle Guy on March 28, 2012 at 10:10 PM

Buy 10 get 10 FREE. Offer ends Sunday 31st March. Go on and grab a bargain!. If you don't need them now just buy them anyway and pop them in the sock drawer until the days of summer are here again :)

Click here to go directly to the 4 stars design paper bag lanterns listing.


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